Devon Church Leaders Covenant

Devon Church Leaders Covenant, 8th June 2001

We give thanks to God for the way in which we and our predecessors have grown together over the past ten years through regular worship, fellowship and discussion.  Mutual love and trust have grown as we have lived by the 1991 Covenant and we are delighted to have seen, throughout Devon, a strengthening of fellowship between Christians and especially through local Christians Together groups.

We humbly acknowledge that there are still many issues which divide us, and that there are areas of suspicion and independence which injure the Body of Christ in Devon.  We repent of attitudes and practices which inhibit our united witness and we pledge ourselves to address the issues which still keep us apart.

We joyfully commit ourselves to do all that we can to encourage fuller understanding and closer co-operation between the churches of Devon.  We especially recognise the need to work more closely in the appointment of ministers and the use of buildings; to co-operate in our relationship with the statutory authorities, voluntary agencies, economic structures and the media; to encourage all Christians Together groups as they engage in the deepening of local relationships, social action and evangelism; and to seek to work with those who are our brothers and sisters in Christ but who are not, at present, part of Christians Together in Devon.

We invite all Christians in Devon to join with us in rededicating themselves to the God who calls us to a more visible unity in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to his praise and glory.