Living Lent 2020

Over the next two months, we will be coming together as a community to explore how committing to individual changes for the climate offers us the chance to go deeper in our understanding of how we can respond to the climate crisis in faith, for people and for the planet.

What can you expect?

Six Challenges – Choose one of six challenges to change your habits for the climate. By intentionally making changes during Lent, we will make space to consider in more depth how our lifestyles have an impact on creation.

Daily reflections – Across a range of themes and with friends from across our four denominations, we will explore how responding to the climate crisis is part of our discipleship.

Celebration Sundays – The world we are seeking to care for is full of wonder and beauty. How often do we take time to stop and recognise God’s wonderful creation? This Lent, we will encourage you to celebrate on Sundays by taking time for an activity which will help you acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of people and the planet.


Community – Come together as part of our online communities, to share in the highs and lows of changing your habits for the climate. You can join in as part of our Facebook Community, on twitter using #LivingLent or through our web form.

Could you take part in Living Lent as a small group?

It’s really important that, as we face the challenges of the climate crisis, we come together as a community. That’s why we’re inviting you to take part in Living Lent as a small group. Could you meet together weekly during Lent to pray and support one another? Take a look at our resources to support you.

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