Joyfest: a celebration of smiles and brightened days* initiated by the Church in Exeter.

Joyfest is a grassroots movement by church members in Exeter. It’s about doing simple Acts of Joy, to help people in the city know there’s an active and living church and it’s good for Exeter!

Initiated by church members in Exeter, there are 21 churches taking part, representing almost 3,000 Christians (making it entirely possible to have around 30,000 people in the city experience having their day brightened because of the church in Exeter!) The week is 10-16 June. Please pray for the week.

We want to see the city transformed by Jesus’ love, but this won’t happen overnight or at a single event. Joyfest is a small step to reach out and meet our city to in a way that connects to them where they are and is easily understandable.

Each time you do an Act of Joy you can hand someone a business-card-sized Joyfest flyer, with the website address to the Joyfest public-facing website. This will allow them to find out more if they’re curious. There are 3 elements – Daily Acts of Joy – Cream Tea Tuesday – TGI Friday.

You can find out more here on the Joyfest Church website


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