Exeter Street Pastors 10th Anniversary

Date: 15th June 2019
Time: 7pm – 8:15pm
Venue: Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Street Pastors first deployed in 2009, with members coming from churches across Exeter and beyond. We are a vehicle for the Church to show we care and to get out and help in practical ways. We have found acceptance with members of the public and service providers including the police, CCTV control, pubs’ and clubs’ door staff, and the city council.

We are the hands and feet of Christ on the street whilst providing help with anti-social behaviour, usually caused by alcohol, loneliness and people who are vulnerable after a night out.

Many people just want to engage with us about what we believe and why we have decided to spend our evenings on the (sometimes cold and damp!) streets of Exeter.  We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to share and pray into people’s lives.

We love to serve Jesus by living out our faith in this practical way and getting involved where people are, often in great need of a helping hand, or a listening ear, or a comforting word.

This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and want to thank God for giving us the strength to serve week on week, as we take up the opportunity to share His love in this very practical ministry.

Come and join us at a special service of thanks.

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